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Snap-up snowpants. January 18, 2007

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I’ve decided I need snap-up snowpants. That way I can not lose my lower limbs walking to school, but then I can take them off when I get there and not have to worry about overly restrictive longjohns which make your legs feel like they’re being squeezed to death by a python.

We finally got snow. And cold. But at least now we have snow to go with the cold. Cold without snow is just stupid. It was around -6F when I left this morning.

So classes started again this week. It’s only been two days, but it already feels like I never left. I subsist in my office until it gets dark, and then I go home. Things are good so far, though. I mean, I know it’s kind of hard to get behind in class when all you do the first day is go over the syllabus, but still, I’m not nearly as freaked out as I was when classes started last semester. I haven’t had two of my classes yet – Critiquing CAM and Healthy Humor – but they’re both through the Center of Spirituality and Healing like my Energy Healing class last semester, so I’m not too concerned about them. Plus they’re only worth 1 credit each.

Besides my real classes, I’ll also be working on my Plan B master’s project this semester and doing a 1-credit independent study for my minor, plus TAing. I was hoping to get a lot of my Plan B stuff taken care of over break, but time was shorter than I thought, and when I finally got around to doing my literature search, I found jack squat. Basically, my project is looking at both micronutrient supplements (vitamins and minerals) and herbal supplement use in individuals with eating disorders. I managed to find three good articles on herbal supplement use, but I found a whole lot of nothing on regular supplements. From one perspective, that means it’s a good area to research, but from another perspective it means it’s impossible to write a review on this topic because there isn’t anything to talk about yet. What I’m supposed to produce for my project is a big paper, the first part of which would be a review, and the second part would be my actual research. If the review isn’t going to happen, I’m not sure how my project is going to turn out.

I did manage to find an advisor for my independent study for my minor. She just happens to be the director of the Center. So that’s a little intimidating. I’m sure it’ll be fine, though; she’d be a good person to network with. My plan right now is to visit an eating disorder treatment center and observe the CAM treatments they integrate with traditional treatment, and then write a paper on eating disorders and CAM. I haven’t made official plans yet because I need to meet with my advisor, but not having a car could potentially complicate this, as the ED treatment center is 30 minutes away. Hmm. Something will work out.

In other news, I’m heading to Columbia in three weeks to visit Charlie and to go to Mr. Smith’s “Adult Bible Study.” Yay! I’m looking forward to it. I’ll get to see the CRT and hear about contraception! Could it get any better? (For those who might be interested, I found a solution to my “I don’t like the Pill, but don’t really like any of my other choices either” dilemma. If you want to be enlightened (read: indoctrinated), talk to me.)


One Response to “Snap-up snowpants.”

  1. Karl Says:

    “Adult Bible Study” .. that just sounds un-kosher all the way around.

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