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Ask not what the church can do for you, but what you can do for the church. January 20, 2007

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What can we, as young people, do to serve the church?

I think we have a lot of untapped potential, and just don’t really know where to put it to use. What do you think?

A few of my ideas:
-volunteer at camp
-sing in the choir
-organize activities for the local youth to spend time together, or organize a regional activity
-organize Bible discussions with friends on Friday or Saturday night (online or in person)
-be a good example (to both the younger people and the older people)


One Response to “Ask not what the church can do for you, but what you can do for the church.”

  1. buckblog Says:

    Our ucg congregation for the past several months has hosted a regional program where once a month young adults from around the region come to have a bible study before services, along with some activity afterwards. The sermon topic is usually something related to their bible study topic. The young adults are also involved at the service by leading songs, giving opening and closing prayer, playing for hymns and doing special music as well as a couple of times the sermonette. Our local spokesman/grad club also has several young adults

    As someone past the young adult stage I still find it encouraging to see that involvement of the generation behind me.

    I think looking back the lack of young adult involvement was often a byproduct of the lack of older adults trying to actively include them and that is partially responsible for a virtually lost generation. Based on what I see in UCG I’m much more positive about the upcoming generation.

    You are right. There are many opportunities for young people to get involved, especially since many of the smaller congregations in LCG or UCG need the involvement

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