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Watch out for that. January 23, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Annette @ 8:27 pm

Deu 25:11 When men strive together with one another, and the wife of the one draws near to deliver her husband out of the hand of him who strikes him, and puts forth her hand and takes him by the secret parts,
Deu 25:12 then you shall cut off her hand. Your eye shall not pity.


7 Responses to “Watch out for that.”

  1. Crystal Says:

    LOL! Annette!

  2. Crystal Says:

    (I can’t believe there actually had to be a specific law for that. But… I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. We women are pretty crazy.)

  3. Michael Says:

    I’m all for that.

  4. Kerr Says:

    I’ve never seen it translated as “secret parts.”

  5. Charlie Says:

    You are a lovely woman, I would like to wash your feet.

  6. Galaxia Alpha Says:

    I’ve always wondered about that… like if someone tries to mug me, I’m gonna hit them, and I’m gonna pick the place where it’s gonna hurt the most…

  7. linda_kiddo Says:

    But it’s if you are trying to defend your husband, not yourself.

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