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~Temptations may come, that ain’t no sin, you get stronger every time that you don’t give in… February 17, 2007

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Lacto-ovo-vegetarian taco salad.

That’s pathetic.

Okay, seriously, I can’t afford meat. I do not currently own a single ounce of any type of meat. But I had this really strong hankering for taco salad. Hmm. What looks like meat? I don’t even have any tofu, otherwise I would have used that. Eggs. Eggs? Meh, we’ll give it a try. Taco seasoning? Oh, I don’t have any of that. Chili powder? Sure. So…this would probably be okay if I actually were a vegetarian by choice, rather than by default. It started out okay, but now it’s just starting to get gross. Blergh.

Darling Boyfriend was talking about coming up for a few days starting today, but it didn’t work out. He was originally talking about doing it so he could look for jobs up here, but things have been really falling into place in Columbia and it didn’t make much financial sense for him to come up here. Plus there was supposed to be a big snow storm all the way through Iowa and Minnesota, so it didn’t look like a good plan all around. So here I sit, alone and lonely. Woe is me.

Anyway, my trip to Columbia last week went really well. I’m really thankful Charlie was able to fly me down. Thursday I got locked out, Friday Charlie took the day off / got fired, so we had brunch and did some running around and cleaning and took care of our stuff before the Sabbath. Friday night we went over to Melissa’s to have dinner with her and David Moluf and David and Sarah. That was fun, and it was good to get to know those kids better (okay, minus Moluf – I’ve had the unfortunate experience of already getting to know him…). Oh, and Sarah and Melissa discovered a fantabulous new way of playing God Speaks to Us on a keyboard, with Melissa playing and Sarah frantically switching the sound between trumpets and piano between each line. It was impressive. 🙂

Saturday was the big day of church and Super Bible Study. Darling Boyfriend gave a FANTASTIC sermonette (I say the best he’s ever given) on Starbucks as the mark of the beast. If you don’t get it…you’re a heretic. Actually, it was a joke that I came up with and he and I played around with when he was in Fredericksburg in December, and somehow he turned it into a sermonette on speculation. (“What if” vs. “AHA!”)

Okay, but the real story was that church started at 1PM, and we got there a little early so I could practice special music with the girls ahead of time. While I was doing that, Charlie went back out to the truck to continue going over his sermonette. 12:55 rolls around, no Charlie. Oh well, he’ll be in any minute. 12:59, 1:00, 1:02, we’re singing, still no Charlie. You’d think I’d have the schedule of church figured out by now, but for some reason I was thinking, “Oh well, even if he’s late, he still has around 15 minutes of church before he has to speak.” It wasn’t until the second song that I realized, “WAIT! That first 15 minutes of church is HIM!” I politely excuse myself from my row and the room, pull up my skirt and RUN across the parking lot to where he’s calmly sitting in the truck looking at his sermonette notes. Knock knock. “BABY WE GOTTA GO!” What? He was thinking church was at 1:30. I don’t know. Either way, we both tore back inside, made it back in time for the third song, and he calmly made his way up to the stage to give his sermonette. All because of the love of a good woman… 😉

After services we went out to eat at Golden Corral (*this is the sound of me barfing*) and sat with Derek, Ashley and Mr. Damon. It was fun and good to get to know them better, and the food surprisingly wasn’t that bad. Then came the fun of the Super Bible Study.

Okay, seriously, if there ever were a Bible study created for me, this would have been it. I think reproductive biology is really cool; I took a full year of a pre/post-implantation biology of reproduction class last year. It was awesome. And recently I’ve been doing a lot of reading and learning about the changes throughout the woman’s cycle and contraceptive methods (particularly FAM, to come in a future blog post). Plus the big research project I did on the Pill in high school. So I’ve got that stuff on the brain anyway, and this was a great way to synthesize all of it. I thought Mr. Smith did a great job of going through the biblical passages relevant to contraception, a brief overview of the various contraceptive methods, and a Q&A section at the end. I thought his discussion of the methods was very well researched and objective and presented in an unbiased manner. I tend to get pretty stirred up about the Pill, but I thought he did a really great job of presenting the information objectively. So I was impressed with that, and also that he mentioned “symptothermal methods” (yay FAM!). I think I’ll post my notes from it. It was really really good.

The after-party was at Charlie’s, so we had the whole gang over and partied like it was 1699. I think it’s cool that the Bible study opened the topic of contraception up to people who wouldn’t normally go around asking people about that type of thing (“So what do YOU use?”). Again, I’m into that type of thing so I don’t have a problem asking and talking about it, but it was great to be able to talk about it with others and get some of that information out. I’m all about making highly-informed decisions.

Oh oh! Okay, so I flew to St. Louis through Denver, right. On the flight to Denver I ended up sitting next to a very friendly and chatty man who just happened to be a Baptist pastor. As soon as I heard that my first thought was, “Oh Lord, help me.” I knew where our conversation was going to go. It ended up being really fun, though. He asked me all sorts of things about what I believe and what we do and how we’re different. I did my best to explain things clearly and rationally, and not make us look like a cult. I must have done an okay job, because he more or less agreed with everything I said, and didn’t have any particular problems with anything. Charlie was like, “He must be a bad Baptist.” It was fun, though. He asked me all about Charlie and what he was like and what he did, and if he was my best friend, and if he took good care of me. The guy was so receptive; I look forward to meeting him again in the Kingdom and being able to fully explain things to him.

This was a pretty good week. Things are starting to pick up, and I’m beginning to feel the weight of my Plan B Master’s project and independent study on my shoulders. I’d like to just focus on them on their own for a couple days and get them done, but alas, I have other things that I have to do. I did spend two days this week working on my Plan B, so that made me feel better, but it also forced me to push my class stuff to the back burner and not stay on top of the lectures. That’s the way it goes, I guess. Hopefully I’ll have my Plan B lit review spewed out within the next week or two, and then I can start working on my independent study.

That’s my story, kids. How’s everybody doing?


2 Responses to “~Temptations may come, that ain’t no sin, you get stronger every time that you don’t give in…”

  1. Prizilla Says:

    So what do you think about the Pill?

  2. Infinity Says:

    For that answer, read my “Birth Control Pill Research” paper under Academia 🙂

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