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That’s disgusting. March 7, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Annette @ 2:41 am

Well, I’ve successfully grown several forms of mould in tupperware containers. I think this would be the point at which the makers would advocate for the “disposable” nature of the containers, but I, however, am poor and will attempt to salvage said containers. I really need to do dishes more often. Gross.

I’m flying to see Darling Boyfriend tomorrow! For a week and a half! YAY! (Spring break + skipping one class on Friday = 11 days, yay!)

Oh, and Darling Boyfriend’s been offered a job at at Mizzou!!! Congratulations, baby!


3 Responses to “That’s disgusting.”

  1. Desiree Says:

    I got to the point where I would just throw them out. The smell was too disgusting.

  2. Crystal Says:

    Cool- 11 days! That’s MORE than enough time to run 20 miles. (=

  3. Michael Says:

    Mould? Is that Canadian for ‘mold’?

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