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Of mice, ants and men. March 22, 2007

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I’ve got ants.

I woke up this morning to find the few unwashed bowls and silverware I’d left in my sink covered in ants. Ants. Lots of them.


I tried to kill them, but there were too many, and I was in a time crunch to get to school. So I poured vinegar on them and the sink, set up a dishtowel with vinegar on it as a barrier so they wouldn’t spread beyond the sink, and went to school.

Then I cried. About something totally unrelated, except that everything was making me uber-stressed out. Then I got my Plan B review mostly finished, and all was well with the world again.

I forgot about the ants until I finally came home tonight, opened my door and the reek of vinegar reached my nostrils. Mmm. (What’s vinegar made from, anyway? …. Dear Wikipedia… alcohol, barley, wine, apples, fruit, grapes, rice, coconut…. Okay, okay, I get the point.)

So I ate a sandwich and then tackled the ants. Yes, literally.

Lesson of the Day:
Ants are hard to kill. “Go to the ant, you sluggard. He’ll teach you how to survive multiple assassination attempts.”

I tried squishing them. Vinegar killed some of them. They crawled over salt, but pepper messed up their trail pretty well. After getting frustrated with squishing them 16 times and them STILL not dying, I was desperate. Surely I had SOMETHING around here that would kill them. Maybe I could drown them? I scooped them up on toilet paper and dunked them in a tupperware container filled with water (see, good thing I didn’t throw them out). They survived. Do ants not have to breathe or something?? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Bleach. Oh yeah. It took a couple minutes, but they died. Then they got flushed. Goodbye, ants.


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