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Snakey snacks and Blessings of the Day. March 28, 2007

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The day one of my students spells ‘snacks’ S-N-A-K-E-S is the day I run screaming from TAing forever.

I wish.

Yesterday I accepted the lead TA position for this class in the fall semester. I really won’t be doing anything different from what I’m doing now, but I’ll be able to put “Lead TA” on my resume. AND I’ll have 50% of my tuition paid for and I’ll receive an hourly wage just like I do now. I went back and forth about whether or not I should accept this position because the class really frustrates me and the grading sucks. But ultimately I already know how to do it, it’s a guaranteed position, I won’t have to go searching for a position and try to convince someone to take me on… So I accepted it. Here’s to *one more* semester of really awful diet projects.

Also yesterday I got approved an online pathophysiology course that I’m going to take this summer. This whole physiology thing had been the bane of my existence for months, but after finally talking to the right people and discovering that there was an inconsistency between profs in what should and shouldn’t be accepted, I finally got a patho course approved. This way I’ll be able to get all my requirements fulfilled and graduate in December, plus I won’t have to pay $2500 to take a stupid 3-credit course here at the U in the summer. Whoohoo! Now all I have to do is find myself a job in Columbia for the summer.

In other Charlie and Annette news (can you tell I’m procrastinating on grading more projects?), Charlie started his position at the university last week. He was hired as the I-Net Administrator for the College of Engineering at Mizzou. Basically he’s their web guy, plus he just happens to be a designer who can make pretty engineering lapel pins at their every whim. It’s going well so far; he’s having to learn to slow down and pace himself (so as not to work himself out of a job), as the university environment is very different from his old job. Speaking of which, it seems that God got him out of there just in time, as his former co-designer was recently busted for selling pot (the cops found 5 pounds in her house…), and there are likely rough times ahead for the business. Yay for working at the university instead!

In other other news, only 6 1/2 weeks of school left! Ahhhhh, get me out of here! You know that feeling where you’re so tired of being here that you feel like your head is going to explode? Yeah. C’mon summer.


2 Responses to “Snakey snacks and Blessings of the Day.”

  1. Michael Says:

    5 lbs? That was probably for her glaucoma.

  2. Infinity Says:

    Must have been for somethin’…

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