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A note on low-carb diets. April 11, 2007

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From my class notes (I’m studying for an exam tomorrow):

Why do people lose weight on low-carb diets?
1. Glycogen loss
2. Water loss — due to glycogen loss and exretion of ketone bodies
3. Decreased energy intake — ketosis, decreased food variety, increased motivation due to early loss
4. Increased protein? — satiation and satiety

Problems with low-carb diets:
1. Calcium loss from bone — low-carb diets increase blood acidity, acidity is buffered by calcium bicarbonate from bone, calcium is lost from urine in amounts proportional to protein intake
2. Nutrient deficient — low fiber, low fruits and vegetables (e.g. minerals and vitamins)
3. Not sustainable — limits food choices, boring, don’t know long-term effects

So there you have it, kids. Low-carb diets are the devil. Just eat a balanced diet, and you’ll be fine.


2 Responses to “A note on low-carb diets.”

  1. Michael Says:

    LC diets are definitely not sustainable around the Anderson congregation. When we’re not potlucking, we’re at Olive Garden. *sigh*

  2. Michael Says:

    That also might explain my osteoporosis.

    Ironically, I eat more veggies and get more fiber when I’m low-carbing. When I’m eating normally, I’m primarily all meats and starches.

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