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Oh, and it gets worse. April 26, 2007

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“Day one of the project I consumed in excess Grains eating equivalence to 1.24 servings.”

“I think that I need to start incorporating a diary product at each of my meals weather it’s a slice of cheese or a fortified substance because I am barley meeting the requirement so I need about three full servings.”

“To meet my diary intake I could of eat cheese, or yogurt. I would eat enough of what I need to meet recommendation; the dairy and fruit could be a snake or in cooperated into a meal.”

“I would consider replacing a serving of fruit for a serving of vegetables instead to bust up my intake of vegetables and decrease in fruits.”


12 Responses to “Oh, and it gets worse.”

  1. Desiree Says:

    I need to bust up my intake, too.


    This makes English majors cringe.

  2. Infinity Says:

    And anyone with any grasp of the English language.

  3. Kerr Says:

    What, was there something wrong with those?

  4. buckblog Says:

    You had better cut down on your grains. It’s already having a negative impact.

    “because I am barley.. “

    freudian slip I’ll guess

  5. Michael Says:

    “…the dairy and fruit could be a snake or in cooperated into a meal.”

    That made my day right there.

  6. buckblog Says:

    Let’s just hope she doesn’t start picking apart our spelling

  7. Mikeesee Says:

    Is this indicative of all nutrition majors??

  8. Karl Says:

    Have you ever talked to Kristin? Sheesh.

  9. Infinity Says:

    Well…I’m pretty sure most of these kids aren’t nutrition majors. It’s a required class for the program, but I think most of these kids are freshmen who take it for a biological science credit or something. I might be totally making that up, but for the sake of nutrition the world over, let’s hope they choose some other career.

    Oh yeah, and other than English, too.

  10. Kerr Says:

    Like a degree in the custodial arts?

  11. Infinity Says:

    That would work. Anything that doesn’t involve speaking or writing.

  12. Banjo Ben Says:

    I think some of these same students must be taking my calculus class.

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