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Defiantly take action! April 30, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Annette @ 5:25 pm

“I think an excess of grains is all right in moderation, however, in this case I feel I should defiantly take action.”

“With the exercise and meat comes a balanced diet in adding to my long line of a healthy life.”



2 Responses to “Defiantly take action!”

  1. Desiree Says:

    How can something in excess be okay in moderation?

    Are these freshmen?

  2. Infinity Says:

    Most of them, yeah.

    It makes sense if you know the project, though. We ask them to report in what food groups they were above the MyPyramid recommendation, and by how much they were above.

    So in some cases, they were above the grains recommendation by 1 ounce (which really isn’t a big deal). And sometimes in the next day they were below the recommendation, so realistically it balances out.

    So this student was saying that it’s not a big deal to be over the recommendation as long as you’re not over all the time.

    But…yeah. Kids.

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