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Aaaaand we’re done. May 4, 2007

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“For Vegetables I can substitute my snakes for snakes such as baby carrots, lettuce, and tomato juces instead of the soda… Yogurts are good to snake on instead of chips and other unhealthy snakes.”


7 Responses to “Aaaaand we’re done.”

  1. linda_kiddo Says:

    Something’s got to be said for consistancy…

  2. Michael Says:

    OK, one ‘snake’ can be overlooked, but 4?

  3. Crystal Says:

    What? You guys never heard of Baby Carrot Snakes? They’re quite tasty and low-cal.

    Just beware of the Mommy and Daddy Carrot Snakes. I hear they’re extremely poisonous.

  4. Karl Says:

    I think you should break out a pop spelling quiz. The lowest grade in the class gets fed to a venomous snack.

  5. Infinity Says:


  6. Desiree Says:

    I am so sad. Do this many people really not know how to spell “snack”? How do they spell “snake”? I’d like to find that one out.

  7. Infinity Says:

    I was really surprised. I don’t remember seeing any “snakes” last semester, but this semester there were probably 20 students (out of ~145) who ate snakes in between classes.

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