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A la domesticity. June 12, 2007

Filed under: Life — Annette @ 12:32 am

This evening as I was making a scrumptious dinner of garlic parmesan salmon, garlic broccoli and mashed sweet potatoes (a la domesticity), Charlie’s kitchen lit on fire.

I claim no responsibility for this.  Someone spilled something in the drip pan, and it caught on fire.  I yelled for Charlie (he didn’t hear me – so much for men) and tried to figure out if it was a grease fire or a normal fire.  Then it burned itself out.

Go me.  At least I didn’t cry.


One Response to “A la domesticity.”

  1. Ryan G. Says:

    hmmm, would you be offended if someday for a wedding gift you received a fire extinguisher?

    We are noticing a trend here…


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