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Thoughts? June 13, 2007

Filed under: Wedding — Annette @ 11:36 pm

…on this dress as a bridesmaid’s dress?  For the winter, dark colours.


7 Responses to “Thoughts?”

  1. KiwiGeek Says:

    I’m not sure it’d fit me? But other than that, looks good.

  2. ducky Says:

    Ah come on Josh, you’d look fabulous in the short sleeved version… 🙂

    I like it, it’s a classy silhouette and the little details make it very feminine.

  3. ducky Says:

    oh, and I like the fitted skirt best.

  4. KiwiGeek Says:

    I always thought I’d look been in an off-the-shoulder number?

  5. KiwiGeek Says:


  6. Desiree Says:

    Very classy! It’s definitely simple and elegant. Bridesmaids would look beautiful in it, but it wouldn’t detract from the bride (you).

  7. Amanda Says:

    i love it. simple elegance.

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