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Current Sprint bill: June 14, 2007

Filed under: Life — Annette @ 10:39 pm


Thanks a lot, Judy.


6 Responses to “Current Sprint bill:”

  1. ducky Says:


  2. crystabelle Says:

    that’s insane.

  3. Karl Says:

    Have you tried talking to your phone company? I’ve been able to have them change my plan post-months beginning just for one month. They’re pretty reasonable when they want to keep you as a customer.

  4. Amanda Says:

    Insanity. Is it because you moved to MO? I’d almost rather pay 2 separate phone bills, eh? Hope it works out.

  5. Infinity Says:

    No no, thankfully it’s just because Sprint messed up. When they sent me my new phone, they sent me two phones (one wrong one and one to the wrong address). I shouldn’t have been charged for either, but they charged me for both. Hence, $447.39.

  6. Karl Says:

    I believe they would probably prefer to say that it was an “unavoidable oversight” or a “mix up in customs”.

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