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Cooooool. June 22, 2007

Filed under: Life — Annette @ 10:59 pm

So Judy takes care of the extra charges, but then tells me that I didn’t pay my bill last month and there’s a late fee.

What?  I have automatic payments set up.

So I call Sprint again today.  I sit on hold for 30 minutes.  Lalalalalala.  I finally get through to Dhananjay in India (or something) and he tells me that yes, my bill wasn’t automatically paid, but it will be automatically paid next month, and the fee will be removed automatically.  What?  How will they know to remove the fee?  It will be taken care of.  But how will they know?  Will my account be flagged somehow?  It will be taken care of.  Then the four magic words in the world of Sprint:

Transfer me to retention.

So I talk to retention.  She says that they switched over their system and it didn’t take my account information with it, but that I can set it up online.  Okay, but I did try to set it up online, and got an email back today saying it couldn’t be done and I needed to contact Sprint.

She says she’s going to talk to her manager, and again I sit on hold.  Lalalalalala. 

Then the call ends.




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