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Things I Like About Living in Columbia: July 22, 2007

Filed under: Life — Annette @ 1:57 am
  • Seeing the bunny that lives in my front yard when Charlie takes me home at night
  • The cat which sleeps nicely camouflaged on the pavement of Charlie’s parking lot and tempts us to run over it
  • The guy that I see in the library at the same table, all day, every day, studying as if his life depended on it (it probably does)
  • Watching Charlie tango with a broom in the living room
  • Charlie’s Carleton-esque dance to “It’s not unusual…,” and knowing that he’s never seen The Carleton
  • Being able to walk downtown, and all the great restaurants
  • 98% fat-free custard at Shakes!
  • MU’s gorgeous campus and it’s retardedly posh rec center (It has a lazy river.  And palm trees.)
  • Charlie cooking me eggs on Saturday morning.  (As I write, Charlie is cooking eggs and brushing his teeth at the same time.  That’s determination.)
  • Being able to work in a nutrition job and knowing that my bosses are pushing to rehire me after I graduate
  • Being able to walk to work.  Active transportation, man.  It’s huge.
  • Walking through the MU library and watching all the kids at the computers, studiously studying Facebook.

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