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Ah, a kindred spirit. July 29, 2007

Filed under: Wedding — Annette @ 1:54 am

From Offbeat Bride blog:

When Brides Don’t Squeal Enough

I have been contending with a lot of negative feedback from my future in-laws regarding my nontraditional wedding decisions and so I am feeling a little humorless when it comes to discussing event details with casual acquaintances. I do not feel squealy and elated when I talk about my wedding, and this seems to disappoint (and sometimes even upset) other people. How can I address others’ unsolicited wedding enthusiasm without seeming negative or rude? —Molly

Why, I just cannot imagine why you wouldn’t be jumping up and down in delight about organizing an event that’s incredibly high pressure, involves family resistance, costs a small fortune, and takes up months and months of your project management time. What, you mean you haven’t spent your entire life up until this point dreaming of the day when you would put on a big white dress […]? What’s wrong with you, Molly? WHY AREN’T YOU EXCITED FOR YOUR SPECIAL DAAAAAY!?


3 Responses to “Ah, a kindred spirit.”

  1. banjoben Says:

    Just go to the JP.


    P.S. Don’t forget to take your fiance with you.

  2. Ducky Says:

    Yeah… you can’t please everybody when it comes to these things 🙂

  3. Karl Says:

    Oh, you CAN please everybody.

    But you have to kill a bunch of people first.

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