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Strange things to love about Columbia. July 31, 2007

Filed under: Life — Annette @ 5:34 pm

Charlie and I went to Bass Pro Shops on Sunday to look at cots (because Melissa moved all her furniture out, so I am now bedless). As we were walking back through the parking lot, I looked in the window of a car and noticed a dog looking at me. Aww, a doggy. Wait, no, that’s a big stuffed toy dog. Okay, kind of weird, but moving on. It wasn’t until I walked past the back window of the car that I really got freaked out. A stuffed SQUIRREL, in the back window. And it was not a toy. Who stuffs a squirrel and keeps it in their car??

Then, yesterday we were walking to work and were walking towards an apartment building. We both saw a woman out front with a long-handled something, and assumed she was sweeping the sidewalk. Just as we got directly in front of the building, she pulled the long handle up to reveal a hissing, scratching, thrashing raccoon. It must have been under a bench or something, and somebody called animal control. So this woman’s got this fierce young racoon on the end of a stick, hanging by its neck, and she’s trying to get it into a pet carrier. I think she did eventually get it in there and get the door shut, but that raccoon was NOT a happy camper.

Oh yeah, and we also found two little cute baby raccoons living in Charlie’s dumpster.


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