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Your Disease Risk. August 2, 2007

Filed under: Health,Life — Annette @ 10:20 pm

This is really cool.  Basically, the Harvard School of Public Health has put together a website where you can enter information about your lifestyle and determine your disease risk for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and stroke.  The idea behind it is that it suggests to you lifestyle changes you could make (if you’re not already doing them) to decrease your risk.  It’s very interesting.

I was able to find an apartment to live in for August at the very last possible moment.  That’s the way it goes.  It worked out well, though.  The guy who owns it is a cycling buddy of my boss, so he’s kind of allowing me to stay there as a favour.

It’s move out/move in time around Columbia, and unfortunately that means Charlie and I, since I get online at his place, have lost Internet access.  It looks like Charlie’s neighbour, who has graciously/naively left his wireless unsecured for the past year has moved.  Boooo.  Now all we’re left with is poopy secured wireless connections.  What good does that do us?! 

RE: Minnesota 35W bridge.  I’ve checked in with a few people up there, and it looks like no one I know has been affected.  The bridge is about 4 miles away from where I live, and just a few blocks away from the Minneapolis campus.  I’m sure I’ve crossed it at some point or another.  It’s a very scary thing.  Charlie and I drove to campus last night (and sat in the parking lot using the university’s wireless) to see the reports.  Apparently traffic around the area is horrendous, as can be expected.  Traffic is being re-routed onto a highway very close to me, so hopefully it’s not too crazy by the time I get back.

Otherwise, things are still busy.  Charlie’s working on several freelance projects and stays late after work.  I’ve finally gotten more than halfway in my patho course, so I’m planning to take the midterm next week.  I need to get this finished up (or at least mostly finished up) before I go back to school at the end of the month.  I also just got the results yester from my survey for my Master’s project, so that’s waiting for me.

Ooh yeah, Charlie and I drove around and looked at houses in this area last Sunday.  We found a neighbourhood that we really liked – very nice homes, yards, trees.  And several houses for sale!  So we looked them up online – the cheapest one was $299K.  Ouch.  I guess we were being a little overambitious.

I’m off to begin studying for this exam.  Oh, for the day of no more exams!  (That day will be December 14th.)


2 Responses to “Your Disease Risk.”

  1. Gary Says:

    Yay for unsecured wireless!

  2. Karl Says:

    My chance for diabetes: 100%

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