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One of the benefits of being a University employee. August 11, 2007

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Wireless Internet, aww yeah.

But it’s 102F outside.  Booo.

So, things are starting to wind down here.  I’m beginning to finish up my projects at work.  The Mediterranean study abroad course is pretty much as planned as I can make it right now.  The two instructors are heading to Italy in a couple weeks to see the locations that we’ve chosen and to finalize the itineraries with the programs.  Looks like our kids will be going to Sorrento and Florence.  Man, I wish I could go.  I’m just not willing to shell out $2900 for two weeks in Italy.

We’ve also been working on a school staff wellness program.  I’ve been developing all of the content for the website as well as writing some articles for our newsletters.  The website should be going up in a couple of weeks.  We also recorded a stretching/relaxation video a few weeks ago, which I was in.  I’m a movie star!  That’ll be going online on the website.

The third project I’ve been working on is revising all of the PowerPoint lectures for the introductory nutrition course here at Mizzou.  The course is very similar to the one I’ve TAed in Minnesota (and of which I will be lead TA this semester…), so it’s been a good refresher of the lecture material.  It’s also helped me to think more critically about the material that we present to students, and how we present it.  The old PPTs had been passed down from prof to prof and had accumulated some nonsense that just really didn’t need to be presented to students.  I’ve taken as much of that out as I can, so hopefully the lectures will be more straight forward from here on out.

Today at services we watched the interview with Dr. Germano and the split sermon on education from Dr. Winnail.  I really appreciated both of them.  Hearing more about the details about the planning of Living University has helped me place more stock in the future and sustainability of LU.  It really seems like Dr. Germano came along at the right time to help us get this set up.

When they announced a few months ago that they’re looking for people to instruct courses at LU (including courses in health), I started thinking about volunteering to teach an introductory nutrition course.  Hearing more about LU today made me think that I think I might really enjoy doing that.  I seem to have had good preparation for it so far, with TAing an equivalent course for three semesters and redeveloping the curriculum as part of my job. 

I wouldn’t be able to do it until after I graduate, and even then I wouldn’t want to do it right away.  I’d like to enjoy being married without being totally overwhelmed with stuff to do first.  But in the distant future, I think it would be an interesting avenue to pursue.  Hearing Mr. Winnail talk today about taking a Biblical perspective to such topics made me think about how to use the Bible to teach nutrition.  Sounds like a Bible study topic I need to look into.

Charlie and I had our first pre-marital (whoohoo!) counselling with Mr. Smith this week.  It was basically a pre-engagement-turned-pre-marital session, as we hadn’t finished up going through our Prepare-Enrich materials yet.  We drove out to the Smiths house, and it was fun to spend time with them and their family.  The boys put on a bit of a show for the guests, so it was fun to experience that.

Two and a half weeks until I have to leave.  😦  Booo.  I think in some ways I’m looking forward to being back, though.  I’m ready to get this last semester knocked out and be finished with everything.  Only one more semester to go!  Yay!

Charlie’s been working his butt off recently.  He’s had a lot of freelance projects on top of his regular 8-5, so he’s definitely been busy.

Anyone feel like you’re important enough to me to justify receiving an engagement photo?

Ookay, I think my battery’s about to die so I’d best head home.  Have a good weekend, kids!


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