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The continuation of the Sprint saga. August 27, 2007

Filed under: Life — Annette @ 1:26 am

So when my phone was messing up, Sprint accidentally sent me two phones.  With all the problems I had with them, they refunded my money for both.  But left me with two phones.  Uhhh…do you guys want this back or something?

So a week or two ago I get tired of seeing the extra phone (the same model that broke on me) sitting around, and I decide to get off my butt and take it to the Sprint store.  Maybe I can get some money for bringing it back, or at the very least I can get rid of it.

So I go in the store, and there’s a line.  I wait for 15-20 minutes.  Finally I get to talk to the guy, and I bring over the phone and the packing slip that was sent with it since I didn’t have a receipt for it.  He looks at me.  “Is that a packing slip I saw?”  “Yep!  I just need to return this.”  “Oookay, well actually, you’ll have to take that up with telesales.”  “What?  They sent me the wrong phone.”  “Yes, but we are a separate entity from telesales, so I can’t return it here.  We’re on different systems.”

So I can’t return a Sprint phone to a Sprint store.  Brilliant.  Great thinking, guys.

Anyone need a brand new Sprint phone?  Seriously.  Take it off my hands.

Stop the madness.


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