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Speaking of the so-called “superfluous” appendix… October 6, 2007

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3 Responses to “Speaking of the so-called “superfluous” appendix…”

  1. Amanda Sandor Says:

    Amazing how God created all things for a purpose, huh? …and if the appendix produces good flora, perhaps we should nurture it instead of still being willing to write it off as unnecessary in modern society. I wonder if there is a way to revive it when it gets sick. Why does it get sick? Talk to me, Annette!

  2. Infinity Says:

    Yeah, like Mr. Sena said, I’ve always had a hard time believing we were given this extra appendage for no apparent reason.

    The appendix is basically a short blind-ended tube (like a worm) that hangs off the bottom of the colon, where the small intestine dumps into it. Because it’s blind-ended, sometimes food (aka – poop) gets stuck inside, and it gets infected and inflamed. That’s appendicitis. The problem is the potential for the appendix to burst, spewing bacteria and inflammatory mediators throughout the abdominal cavity. That’s bad.

    I don’t know if there is a way to revive it when it gets sick. If there is, apparently surgery seems to be a better option. Oh yeah, another purpose it serves: it also contains immune cells (like the tonsils) and helps contribute to the immune response. So I’m not sure there’s much more we can do for it if it gets sick.

  3. Kerr Says:

    I use the appendix for many things:
    1) finding things in text books
    2) good place to punch, like the kidneys

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