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Life. November 1, 2007

Filed under: Life — Annette @ 7:36 pm

So I had my phone interview with Extension today.  It went well.  There will likely be some shuffling around of positions in Extension over the next couple months, so hopefully something will work out.

Yesterday I finished my literature review for my Plan B.  That’s a pretty substantial accomplishment, considering I started working on it in January.  I thought I had it finished at the end of last semester, but it ended up really not making sense and I had to revise the whole thing.  Anyway, that’s done (besides some minor revisions based on Brian’s comments), so yay!  Now it’s on to grading the rest of the 153 projects I still have left to grade.  THEN I can start looking at the data from my surveys.  Not to mention these three pesky courses I’m taking.  It’s going to be a crazy month and a half.

Make that two months.

1 month, 28 days and counting!


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