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T minus 17 days. November 27, 2007

Filed under: Life,School,Wedding — Annette @ 8:42 pm

And counting.

In 17 days I will graduate from grad school.  In 17 days I will never have to go back to school ever again.

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to have a clue what to do with myself.  Oh, well, besides get married.  But that’s another story.

Today I had my seminar in which I presented the results of my Plan B to the department.  It went well.  I’m very glad that it’s over.  I keep thinking that after today I won’t have anything to do, but I still have 185 projects to grade, a CAM paper to write and a presentation to give, a stats project, a biochem exam and my defense.  But I’m getting close.

Mom and Dad, Charlie and Charlie’s parents are all coming up for my graduation.  Should be a good time.  Plus we’re also packing me up and moving me to Missouri that weekend, so it should be crazy – just like the rest of my life.

For my seminar today my advisor actually introduced me as the student who, in the next month, would give a seminar presentation, defend, graduate, move, get married and potentially start a new job.  Good times.

And one month and 3 days until we get married. 🙂

OH OH, and!  Today I got my most favourite student excuse for why the student couldn’t turn her project in on time.  Her hair appointment ran long.


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