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Ahh, students… and the return of defiance. December 3, 2007

Filed under: School — Annette @ 8:39 am

Some jewels from yesterday’s grading:

“I could add variety to my diet by defiantly eating more whole grains as toast for breakfast…”

“By varying the type of food I am eating I am keeping myself entertained and fulfilling my dietary recommendations.  It is important to keep your taste buds.”

“I was low in grains…vegetables…fruits…milk…and meat and beans…  I sucked this day.”

“You want to have variety in your diet, because eating the same foods throughout the course of the day is not going to give u a good source of nutrients.”

And two of my personal favourites:

“In order to gain my missing fruit and dairy servings, I could have a large piece of fruit topped with a little vanilla yogurt as a snack in place of the puppy chow I ate.”

“In the meat group, I would have poultry, bee, eggs, and peanut butter.”


2 Responses to “Ahh, students… and the return of defiance.”

  1. Ryan G Says:

    personally, we like to keep a little tray of puppy chow and deep fried bees knees around for casual snacking. Nutritious and delicious!

  2. Melody Says:

    I want to defiantly eat whole grains. I wonder what sort of face one would make while defiantly munching on them…

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