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So weird! December 5, 2007

Filed under: Life — Annette @ 8:02 pm

Okay, so two years ago I was on the hunt for Sandra, my former roommate who disappeared and stiffed me out of around $3000.  I blogged about part of the hunt here, where I had contacted the hippie coffee shop downtown in an attempt to find a friend of hers who used to work there.  I paraphrased the conversation I had with the coffee shop dude on the phone.  Apparently, several weeks after I posted, the coffee shop phone dude posted a comment.  I just found it, TWO YEARS later.  Almost to the day.  Weird.

Hi. It’s Mo from the Goat. Weird… Someone forwarded our conversation about Jim Verburg to me. Google is a strange phenomenon. And attached this link to the Email, too… Hope you had some luck in finding Sandra… haven’t seen her for ever… if I see her first, I’ll tell her Nieve sent me. Nice Blog…! And – oh yeah, everyone at the Goat is gay… including all our customers… it’s policy… g’night!Comment by mojo December 6, 2005


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