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Life. December 7, 2007

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Well, Karl’s right.  Blogs have been lacking recently (mine included).  I personally would like to blame my part in that on this being probably the craziest semester I’ve ever had.  Case in point: I had to resort to using paper plates, styrofoam bowls and plastic cutlery because my dishes were never getting done.

Today I had my last class ever.  In the history of mankind.  Okay, maybe not, but at least my last class of grad school.  And actually, it was an exam and not really a class.  I never have to take another exam again.  Evar.  That’s pretty cool.

Classes here don’t officially end until Wednesday, and I keep forgetting that because all mine ended today.  Pretty cool how that works out.  It’s actually pretty amazing to see how my entire grad school career has worked out perfectly.  I was able to take all the right classes at the right time, twice I was able to use one project for multiple assignments, I was able to have a TA position pay my rent for all three semesters, and this semester the timing of all of my classes has worked out perfectly so I can defend, graduate, move and get married all within a couple weeks.  Not that I would necessarily recommend that course of action, but at least in my case it was do-able.

Last week I had my departmental seminar, in which I presented my Plan B project.  It went really well.  I’m happy with it.  It’s pretty amazing how my public speaking skills have improved in the last year and a half.  I don’t think I was ever one of the shaky, anxiety attack public speaking people, but I’ve definitely become more comfortable with it over time.  That’ll happen to you when you have to give multiple presentations in each class and also have to stand up in front of 200 of your own students and impart your infinite wisdom.  I’ve asked several people (who would be honest about it) for feedback about how I did, and nearly everything has been overwhelmingly positive.  (If you have a morbid curiosity, you can listen to it here:  My advisor had some good suggestions for additions, so I will be incorporating those before my defense on Tuesday.  Tuesday.  That’s pretty close.  Although, at this point I just want it to be over with.  I’m ready.

So this week I have my defense plus a major stats project to start and finish, as well as some grading to finish up before Thursday.  My parents arrive on Thursday afternoon, we’ll figure out how to bustle my wedding dress on Thursday evening, and that night Charlie and his parents arrive.  My graduation is on Friday, and we’ll pack me up to move me to Missouri on Sunday.  Wow.  That still doesn’t seem real.  I’m too caught up in what I’ve got to do right now RIGHT NOW to recognize that I’ve got some major life changes ahead.  I don’t expect it to hit me that I’m finished with school until about March.

And did I mention that I’m getting married?  23 days today.

And my wireless keeps going out.  Curse you, unreliable Linksys router!

I’ve applied for three jobs through Extension so far.  One I ended up not being eligible for (those silly Mizzou people think I’m not internal anymore…pfft), one I interviewed for but wasn’t entirely excited about.  They recommended me highly, but the person who actually made the decision chose someone internally.  That was fine; I wasn’t convinced that the job I interviewed was the one for me anyway.  And the girl who did get the job was a friend of mine whom I worked with in the summer.  So it’s all good.  Both of those jobs were filled internally, so those girls’ jobs should be opening up soon.  At this point we’re all just waiting for the jobs to open so I can apply for them.  That’s through Nutritional Sciences Extension.  I’ve also applied for a job through Extension’s 4H Youth Development.  It’s for a really cool program that my former bosses are co-directing, so I’m pretty pumped about the position.  We’ll see what happens.

It’s going to be sad to leave the Minneapolis congregation.  They’ve really adopted me up here, and they’re a fantastic group.  I think they’re probably the closest church group I’ve come across (and that’s saying something).  It’s just really refreshing to see a group of people who actually really like each other and get together to hang out, even during the week and even though they live an hour or more away from each other.  That’s awesome.

Oh, and FAM is still the greatest thing in the history of mankind.

I think that’s all I’ve got.  Oh, wait!  My bridal shower!

So last weekend was my bridal shower.  And of course last Saturday we got our first snowstorm of the season.  Wonderful.  A lot of people didn’t make it to church because the roads were bad, and even fewer made it out to the shower at the Monson’s.  It was still great, though.  The people that I’m closest with were there, and we had a great time.  7 1/2 month pregnant Lisa even made it after she hit ice and flipped their truck with herself and Eli inside.  We all ate dinner, played games, then opened gifts and ate dessert.  It’s pretty crazy the amount of stuff you can come away with from one of those things.  I should have bridal parties more often! 😉  It was wonderful, though, to see the care and well-wishes from so many women expressed through the gifts.  And Charlie and I are now officially set for glassware. 🙂  We even got a 12-piece shooter set wrapped in cheetah wrapping paper from the quietest woman I have never talked to.  How’s that for care and well-wishes!

Anyway, I think I’m through.  Exciting times ahead.

(Oh yeah, and we are officially searching the highways and byways for wedding guests. 🙂  We have to pay for a minimum of 100, and right now we’re below that.  Anyone want to come to Virginia on December 30?)


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  1. Leona Says:

    All ready to start picking people up off the roads, eh? Crazy. Wish I could make it, but Virginia’s just too far away for me. 😦

    How are Lisa and Eli doing, by the way?

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