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Classy. January 31, 2008

Filed under: Health,Life — Annette @ 2:36 pm

In my most recent bid to avoid bisphenol A, I’ve started drinking out of a mason jar. Yes, at work.

For those interested in alternatives to Nalgenes (curse you, bisphenol A!), there is quite a selection of stainless steel water bottles available online. We just ordered “The Standard.”


7 Responses to “Classy.”

  1. Desiree Says:

    Aaron has a collection of mason jar drinking glasses. They’re really the best bet for iced tea and lemonade. Ice water, too.

  2. TheLioness22 Says:

    I greatly prefer glass to plastic. I have some plastic drinking glasses, but I usually don’t use them unless all my glass ones are dirty. And my glass drinking glasses actually were originally jelly jars. 🙂

    I noticed the stainless steel water bottles you got are “green”. Are you big on the “green” movement, and if so for what reasons? Just curious.

  3. Infinity Says:

    I wouldn’t say I’m huge on “green,” but recently I have been reading about bisphenol A and am seriously concerned about using plastics. In fact, I went to a seminar here at Mizzou yesterday in which bisphenol A was also tied to obesity (not to mention the multitude of cancers, reproductive changes, etc.). So I’m trying to phase out our plastics as much as possible, at least for the things that we use on a regular basis, like water bottles.

  4. Kerr Says:

    So should I be concerned if I’ve eaten water bottles?

  5. Ducky Says:


  6. Kerr Says:

    What course of action should be taken in such a situation. Note that it wasn’t in the immediate past.
    Also, Annette, the drive was totally worth it. Glad to make it.

  7. Infinity Says:

    I would suggest drinking soap.

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