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It’s all in your head. February 24, 2008

Filed under: Running — Annette @ 7:24 pm

6 miles today.

I’m starting to learn just how much of endurance running is in your head.  If I set out determined to run 6 miles, I can do it and feel on top of the world.  If I waffle and say, “Well…..I’ll just run as far as I can go,” I’ll run for 3 minutes and feel like I’m going to die.  Charlie says this is why the best marathon runners are in their 30s: at that point they’ve learned how to master their minds.

I’ve also learned that for me another key is keeping myself entertained.  Use the iPod, have an upbeat mix, but also keep your mind engaged.  For me that means exploring areas that I haven’t been to before.  If I run the same route every time, I get bored with it and lose endurance.  If I run in an area I’ve never been to before, I get so caught up in where I am and figuring out how to get out that I forget that I’m running.

And finally, weather.  30s to 40s is perfect.  Not too cold so it hurts your lungs, but not so warm that you heat up quickly and cut your endurance in half.

Today was one of the best runs ever.  I set out wondering if I could really do it (we’re on a training schedule for the half marathon, and I’d kind of been slacking on the long runs, which totally defeats the purpose), but by 30 minutes I was thinking, “Yay, I’m halfway there!” instead of, “Ugghh, I hate this.  I’m going to die.”  It all depends on the goal I set for myself. 

Is this the elusive “runner’s high”?

Six weeks until Go! St. Louis!


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