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The hunger strikes. March 11, 2008

Filed under: Running — Annette @ 7:35 pm

After running consistently for the past eight weeks, I’ve gotten to the point (again) of not being able to keep myself full.  Pretty much ever.  Like, I’ll eat a full meal, feel quasi-satiated and 15 minutes later will have painful pangs of hunger. 

I got to this point after I started running seriously a couple years ago, too.  It’s actually kind of frustrating.  I don’t know what to feed myself without eating the same thing five times a day.  Plus food’s expensive.  One of the ideal pros of running is that it’s a cheap form of exercise, but I’ve just bought new shoes, new sports bra, plus the fee for the half marathon, plus having to stay at a hotel the night before, plus driving to St. Louis, PLUS the additional food I’m ingesting…  So I’m not sure that it’s so cheap in the long run after all. 🙂  Oh well, it’s good for me.

7.5 miles on Sunday. 


One Response to “The hunger strikes.”

  1. crystal Says:

    wow! your doing great on your running. i have a ways to go to catch up. i wont bore you with my mileage until it’s more substantial. 😉

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