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Prayer Request Updates. March 22, 2008

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Here are the latest updates I have on Glen:


Good evening,
Thank you so much for getting in touch with us and for all your care and concern.  We have relied on our church family for prayers and we know God heard our cry for help as soon as we contacted our Local Elder.  The timing of events couldn’t have been more precision if they had been planned from the 911 call to the arrival in hospital, of which there were two.
He had his best day yet.  Now off ventilator and on an oxygen mask.  His ability to speak is greatly hampered but he can hear and understand.  He had two fractures to his skull, 9 broken ribs, punctured both lungs, lacerated spleen, broken leg and lots of bruising on his arms.  The CT scan showed no swelling in the brain, the leg was surgically set but the chest area has been the most concern.  Both surgeons and all the ICU nurses have said he is lucky to be alive.  We know luck had very little to do with it and can’t tell you now much we appreciate everyone’s prayers.  So lots of pain, but lots of life.
Best regards,
John and Barb
… and Glen


Hi Everyone,
We just got home from the hospital and the good news is that Glen came out of ICU at about 3:00 pm today.  Your prayers are still requested for two areas of concern:  Blood clot and pneumonia.  Also, that fever just won’t let up.  He can sit on the edge of the bed, stand up to the walker and pivot into a wheelchair where he can sit for up to an hour without too much trouble.  The Doctor told him yesterday that if he had been 16 yrs old, he wouldn’t be with us today because of the damage to the lungs … but because he is 17, that extra year allowed the lungs just that much more development that is allowing for the recovery.  We are so grateful for all your care and concern.  Please don’t let up just yet – it’s working.  For those of you who are able to visit, he is in Surgical Ward Room 116 (South Pavillion).  Visiting hours are any time during the day but not too late.  Only 2 at a time and just for a short time.  He is really looking forward to seeing people one minute and then gets worn out and falls asleep.  So it’s hit and miss just yet.  We’ll keep everyone updated as we are able.
Warmest regards,
John & Barb
… and Glen


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