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Life Update. April 19, 2008

Filed under: Life — Annette @ 1:16 pm

Job situation: One word: skunkworks.  I also got a second interview for the lab job in Jeff City.  I turned them down.  By the way, the job involved testing fecal samples for enteric pathogens and intestinal parasites.

I’ve also started taking the FastTrac: New Venture entrepreneur course with Charlie.  Because of my skunkworks project, I have an “in” with the right people and they’re letting me take it for free.

Running: Nil.  It’s kind of been nice to take a break.  Plus, my foot hasn’t been hurting at all.  That’s a bonus.  We’re looking into hiring a yoga instructor to come in and lead us in yoga once a week over our lunch break.

Unleavened Bread: I made lefsa on my own this year for the first time.  Growing up we ALWAYS had lefsa for unleavened bread.  Because of that I’ve never developed much of a taste for matzos (but then, who does?).  This year I made cheater’s lefsa with instant potatoes.  So far I really haven’t been able to tell much of a difference.  Although, I’m not so sure about my technique – I ate a few pieces this morning and they all cracked when I rolled them because they were too thick.  Hopefully they’re not all like that. 

Church was moved to 3:30 today because of NTBMO tonight.  So we’re just hanging out in our pajamas, being lazy.


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