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Does your place of employment have a lazy river? May 24, 2008

Filed under: Life — Annette @ 9:31 am

I recently got a membership to MU’s Rec Center.  Charlie has had one for a while, so now we’re able to go together.  After finishing up my running season I decided I wanted to start doing strength training and take a yoga class, both of which are offered by the Rec.  An additional benefit that we’re now able to take advantage of is the Rec Center’s Tiger Grotto, complete with lazy river, whirlpool and hot tub.

Last night we went for the first time.  We hope to make it an after-work Friday tradition.  It’s pretty sweet.  It’s so sweet, in fact, that the Rec was rated the #1 Rec Center in the US by Sports Illustrated.  It’s more than sweet; it’s ridiculously posh.  Whenever people come to Columbia and we take them on a tour of campus we make sure we stop by and press our noses to the Rec Center windows, just to get a jaw-dropping reaction from our guest.  Please notice the “real” plastinated palm trees.

In other news, Leona’s mom is awesome.  She was driving through to St. Louis to visit Leona, and was nice enough to stop and meet me in Columbia (despite my poor directions) and give me kefir grains!  AND raw milk!  AND farm fresh eggs!  How cool is that.  As expected, the grains do look (and feel) kind of gross, vaguely reminiscent of an art project Charlie created in university in which he was trying to make an object that looked as gross as possible.


6 Responses to “Does your place of employment have a lazy river?”

  1. Charlie Says:

    Next up, let’s try the indoor climbing and bouldering wall, designed to simulate native Missouri cliffs…

  2. Summer Says:

    That looks completely disgusting.

    Nice rec center, though.

  3. TheLioness22 Says:

    HA HA! I think Charlie’s art project looks more gross than the grains. Of course, I’d bet the grains feel more gross! Glad you two managed to connect – despite mom puzzling over Columbia intersections. 😉

  4. Terri Says:

    Kefir grains kind of grossed me out at first too. Now, I don’t even think about it. Did you make any kefir yet? Did you like it????

    I let the kefir I made before I left to visit Leona “ripen” in the fridge while I was gone. I’d never done that before. Wow! Was it every good!

    What did Charlie think of the raw milk?

  5. Infinity Says:

    We did make a first batch, but then I kind of forgot about it so it’s been sitting in the fridge for the last week. 🙂 I’m not sure if it’ll still be good or not.

    Charlie really enjoyed the raw milk! He was like, “Mmm….heart attack in a glass.” (We normally drink 1%.) He liked it. 🙂

  6. Terri Says:

    If it sat in the fridge for a week without the grains in it (after having been on the counter to culture), then it’s just been “ripening”. It should be really good by now.

    As for the “heart attack in a glass”, there’s a whole lot of interesting studies out there questioning the validity of the “low-fat equals heart healthy” theory, and some even more interesting information about the difference in the effect on the body from the fat of raw milk compared to the fat of homogenized milk. It’s worth looking into.

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