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Ovulation! June 14, 2008

Filed under: Fertility — Annette @ 9:49 am

How cool is this!  Ovulation was caught on camera for the first time during a routine hysterectomy procedure.  Apparently the ovulation took 15 minutes to complete.  I wonder if that gives some insight into mittelschmirtz (ovulatory pain), and why it can last for a long period of time.


5 Responses to “Ovulation!”

  1. Ryan G. Says:

    that’s is awesome!

  2. Sir Kerr Says:

    Wow that’s…*sigh* let’s be honest it wasn’t what I came here to see, really. I mean yes it’s cool, but checking blogs before bed, and I see ovaries. Really there’s not even anything bothersome about it, outside of the mere fact that it is.
    “So what’d you do last night?”
    “I…nothing. Shut up.”

  3. Karl Says:

    I think I could find enjoyment in life by just following Kerr around and reading his posts on the internet.

  4. sarah Says:

    I stumbled across you blog a few weeks ago and have really loved reading about FAM. I’m getting married in September, so this past January I reluctantly got on birth control (never knowing there was really another option). I’m pretty careful about what I put into my body to being with, so I was not excited to start the pill. Anyway, long story short after some really awful side effects and a good friend of mine introducing me to NFP/FAM, my fiance and I decided that was the right method for us and started 2 two ago. I amlost immediately was back to feeling like my normal self and it has created a new exciting level of intimacy in our relationship.

    Thank you for blogging about FAM and helping educate people.


  5. Infinity Says:

    That’s wonderful! Thanks for checking back in. I’m so glad to know I’ve helped people along the way. If you have questions or need resources, let me know. Also, I hope you’ve found the Ovusoft FAM forums (link under I – My Links, to the right). They’re a great resource of women like yourself who are ready and eager to answer questions and be supportive. All the best!

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