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“Smart butt.” June 25, 2008

Filed under: Life — Annette @ 3:59 pm

I just got called a “smart butt” by the mean Passport lady at the Post Office.  I wasn’t rude or smart; all I did was offer to trim the photos I had provided (which WERE the correct size to begin with).  How’s that for fanatical customer service.  Maybe that’s one of the differences between government and business. 

Thank you, Zappos, for changing the way the world thinks about customer service.


4 Responses to ““Smart butt.””

  1. crystal Says:

    David keyed the term “fanatical support” when he first worked at Rackspace years ago.

    Sorry… not trying to be a “smart butt.” Just like seeing credit given fairly. 😉 But I, too, have heard great things about Zappos.

  2. Infinity Says:

    I know. 🙂 I guess I’ve just never heard people talk about their experience with Rackspace. Maybe that’s because I don’t know any corporate executives.

  3. Cooldude Says:

    What is this all about

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