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Made in China. July 28, 2008

Filed under: Health,Life — Annette @ 6:08 pm

Since when did we start importing fish from China?

Charlie and I went to buy salmon at Walmart last week (maybe that was our first mistake), and the salmon I normally buy wasn’t there. Instead, there was a different package with basically the same contents. I was a little unsure as to whether or not to buy it, since I hadn’t bought it before. I looked the packaging over and noticed something I have never seen on an animal product: “Made in China.”

Isn’t China synonymous with like, the worst pollution in the world, unsafe living and working conditions and everything else that is wrong with the world? (Probably mutant fish.) Do we not have two perfectly good oceans which are quite a bit closer to us than China? Admittedly, I live in Missouri, and we don’t have easy access to an ocean. HOWEVER, China is not a shorter drive than from here to the east or west coast.

It just seems a little absurd. Fish from China? And today my coworker and I were talking about it and found “Product of Thailand” stamped on packaged Chicken of the Sea salmon. Lovely. Maybe this is all a part of China’s devious plan to take over the United States – one fish at a time.


2 Responses to “Made in China.”

  1. melody Says:

    Salmon, really? Yikes!

  2. rakkav Says:

    Yes, farm-raised salmon (and farm-raised tilapia too, if memory serves) is imported from China. Now there’s some fuel savings we could get really easily…

    Chicken of the Sea, I recall, is not even American-owned (StarKist is, though). The waters off Thailand comprise one of the great tuna-fishing regions of the world, and people who fish for tuna go anywhere the tuna are. The fact that so much tuna is “Product of Thailand” these days is no reflection of a Chinese conspiracy. But it may reflect that area of the ocean as being one of the last places where tuna hasn’t been overfished practically to extinction. Not surprisingly, Wikipedia has a pretty decent article on “Tuna” that discusses the state of tuna stocks in different places in the ocean.

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