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To the naysayers. August 13, 2008

Filed under: Fertility — Annette @ 2:20 pm

As of right now, my Fertility Awareness Method blog post has been viewed 730 times.  Most recently, it got picked up by a fertility forum – in Italian.

There is a huge interest in this.  The word is getting out.


5 Responses to “To the naysayers.”

  1. Guest Says:

    “Honey, I have to check the consistency of my cervical fluid before we have sex!”


  2. rakkav Says:

    How long has this method been around? I used to have a book (or else read a book) that talked about checking one’s cervical fluid in this way — just not in such detail.

  3. Infinity Says:

    Several decades. Natural Family Planning has been in use by the Catholic church since…oh, the 50s and 60s, at least.

  4. Kerr Says:

    To: Guest

    Message: I think it is. Heck, I’d volunteer to help.

  5. Infinity Says:

    I heart you, Kerr.

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