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Life update. August 27, 2008

Filed under: Growing,Life — Annette @ 4:06 pm

Well, things are interesting, as always.

I was officially and permanently hired by the university (after over 7 months of employment) on August 1.  I’m the Program Coordinator of a new program which is connecting kindergarten kids to local farmers to encourage eating local fruits and vegetables.  It’s a really cool and worthwhile project, and it’s been fun to work on.  I’ve driven out to KC five times in the last two months to train the kindergarten teachers at 5 charter schools in the KC area.  Besides the nutrition/ag curriculum which will be taught in the classroom, the kids will also be receiving local fruit and vegetable snacks three times a week, visiting the farm where the fruits and vegetables were grown, and we’ll also have activities for the parents and they’ll be able to buy the local produce.  It’s fun, and I hope the kids, parents and teachers get a lot out of it.

My LU course is going well so far.  The enrollment has dropped a bit, but we still have a good core of at least 5 active participants.  Good feedback so far, and everyone seems to be enjoying the Couch-to-5K.  (People get motivated to be active when you offer them a 5% bonus.)

I’m also looking at doing some part-time work for these folks after my class is finished.  They’re offering telephone and internet employee wellness services, so it’d be fun to get in on that action.

Charlie’s busy with freelance work, too, so we’re both working every Sunday and every lunch break.  We’re busy.

We fired Rosalita1, but are working on hiring Rosalita2.

And I really am planning on doing the Master Gardener thing.  I never even knew I was interested in growing, but after all the work I’ve done with the project I’m coordinating and then reading a 400-page book on container gardening (“the bible” of container gardening), I’m pretty hyped up about it.  I have big plans for next year’s growing season.  I’d like to grow as much of our fresh produce as is physically possible.  Grapes?  Yes.  Purple peas?  Oh yes.  Plus I’m also working on getting the Master Gardener course paid for by my work, so there’s an extra bonus.  I’ll have to do 30 hours of volunteer work in the year after I finish, so if anyone has growing questions, feel free to ask.  Providing advice for neighbours counts as volunteer time.

Columbia’s bluegrass festival is this weekend.  Charlie’s beeing a party pooper and doesn’t want to camp, but we should be there for all the non-sleeping times.  Should be a good time.


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