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Moved. September 9, 2008

Filed under: Environment,Life — Annette @ 5:37 pm

I got an email a couple of weeks ago with the subject line “Office Space.”  I was asked to move my office to another building.  I’m sure the reference to Office Space wasn’t intentional (…or was it?), but the whole situation was very Milton-esque.  

My new office really is in the basement, although ironically it is a corner office and has high windows and natural light galore.  If it weren’t for having to leave my former office girls, I’d be loving it.

Oh, except for the cold.  Today I actually left work and went to Walmart and bought a space heater.  Then one of my new male coworkers came in and complained that it was hot.  sigh.

In other news, the main reason for the lack of blogging is that we don’t have Internet at home.  I know, can you imagine me without Internet?  Marriage does strange things to you.  But thanks to our Sprint contract mysteriously changing from a 2-year contract to a 1-year contract, we should be getting iPhones after December.  This is me drooling.

And I think the more time I spend in Columbia, the more of a hippie I become.  I start my Master Gardener class next week, and this week I have come to love a new eco-friendly device: the tiffin.  I ❤ my tiffin.  We have a local restaurant in Columbia that discovered the tiffin as their holy grail of to-go packaging.  I had similarly been searching for a better solution for packing our lunch that didn’t involve throwing away a lot of plastic bags or carrying around 20 pounds of glass containers.  Apparently we are over a hundred years behind the times compared to Mumbai.  Several of my friends have become interested in my tiffin, so hopefully it will become a trend.


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