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We <3 GetAbout Columbia. September 24, 2008

Filed under: Physical activity,Running — Annette @ 7:45 am

The City of Columbia received a multi-million dollar federal grant to promote non-motorized forms of transportation.  As a result, the organization that was created, GetAbout Columbia, does all sorts of cool stuff to promote walking and biking.  This week is Way to Go to Work week, and for the past two days Charlie and I have been stopped and given coupons for free coffee for walking to work.  Yay!!  We ❤ walking to work.

Today’s the day I sign up for the Go! St. Louis half marathon!  C’mon April!


2 Responses to “We <3 GetAbout Columbia.”

  1. Lyndell Says:

    I could walk to work until the office moved. Conveniently a bus stop is across the step and the office pays for the bus pass. I’d rather drive, but that has some major disadvantages: cost, effort, stress, no iPhone web surfing, nor sleeping.

  2. amanda Says:

    i love walking to work too! magnificent.

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