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Obama comes to Mizzou. October 31, 2008

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Obama came to Mizzou last night.  We thought about going just out of the pure curiosity of the thing, but after seeing people start lining up 7 hours ahead of time, and later seeing the line stretch half way across campus and then back, we decided we’d rather go to bed.  

We did walk around the crowd about an hour and a half before he was supposed to show up, and it was crazy.  I’ve never seen that many people in one area of the campus at one time.  The other areas of campus were wonderfully empty.  Apparently 40,000 people showed up, which is every student on campus plus an extra 10,000 for good measure.  They bused kids in from 18 other universities and colleges across the state.  My partner in crime Robin was so excited she was leaping up and down as we walked down the street.  “Guys, this is HISTORY!”  We shall see.

P.S. No, I don’t vote, and no, I don’t support any political candidate.  I kind of enjoy being Switzerland.

P.P.S. Run #4 yesterday, 2 miles, HOT.  Agggh.


One Response to “Obama comes to Mizzou.”

  1. Lyndell Says:

    but 40,000 people at a ball game isn’t history?

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