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So houses are a lot of work. November 19, 2008

Filed under: House — Annette @ 8:28 am

And we don’t even own ours yet.

We close on the house next Tuesday.  We’ve been trying to get all the worker bees lined up to work on the house soon after we close, because we may need to move out of our apartment soon.  I posted it up on Craigslist and we’ve had a ton of people interested, but none yet that have signed the papers.  But if someone does, we need to be able to move out ASAP.  And living in the house requires having a shower, washer and dryer hook-ups, appliances and a million other little things.  We could camp out there for a while, but I have a feeling not having a shower would eventually get to us.  How did the little old 88-year old woman live there for 70 years without a shower??


2 Responses to “So houses are a lot of work.”

  1. Lyndell Says:

    The shower doesn’t work?! Or is it bath only?

    Why not stay in the apartment while you remodel the house and slowly moving in? I like a little overlap when I move from my old to new residence. I also never used a truck, so I couldn’t move everything in one trip.

  2. Annette Says:

    There is no shower. It only has a clawfoot tub.

    We had planned to stay in our apartment until the house is finished, but it also doesn’t really make sense to throw away our rent money for the next 9 months. If we’re going to be able to sublet, now is the time to do it because students are moving around.

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