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Snow. November 30, 2008

Filed under: House,Life — Annette @ 3:00 pm

We got our first real snow last night.  We went over to the house to start doing some work on it, and it was fun driving through our new neighbourhood at night with the pretty houses and the snow falling.  Someone literally described where we live as “a real Norman Rockwell neighbourhood.”

We slapped some Peel Away on the inside of the brick column on the front porch to test it out on Friday, and came back last night to check on it.  (Did I mention that they painted the brick front of the house and the brick fireplace green??)  As it turns out, it was too cold for it to set up, so we gave in and turned on the furnace.  Oh well, it’ll be easier to work over there if we’re not freezing.

Charlie’s over there right now pulling down the asbestos ceiling tiles in the front porch to test out the process.  They’re throughout the entire main level of the house, and we’re probably going to end up ripping them all out.  The nice thing we discovered in the front porch is that under the ceiling tiles is nice dark (real) wood panels.  Normally I’m not at all a fan of wood panelling, but on the ceiling in the porch it’ll look nice once the porch is restored.

Meanwhile, I’m procrastinating getting my LU lectures done.  sigh.  Only a couple more to go.


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