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Crazy. December 11, 2008

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The last few months have been nuts.  We’ve both been working 6 days a week: our regular 8-5 jobs plus our freelance projects (LU for me) on Sunday.  Plus I’ve been taking the Master Gardener training, plus in November my friend Robin and I started teaching a Chronic Disease Self-Management Program to university employees.  Plus we’ve been buying a house, and now we’re trying to figure out what to do with it.  Add on top of that the regular life stuff and our awesome cleaning girl moving to Greece (booo).

This past Monday I finished up my LAST lecture as well as my LAST Master Gardener class.  It’s been a good week.  I’ve really enjoyed the MG class; it’s one of those where you get out of it what you put into it, so I didn’t get as much out of it as I could have, but I did learn quite a bit.  And I feel that now I have all the resources I need to find all the information.  It may not be currently crammed in my brain, but I know where to find it.

I’m really glad LU is over.  I still need to put the last exam together, but that shouldn’t take very long.  It’s been a good experience and it’s been rewarding, but man I had no idea how much work it was going to be.  I could have structured it differently and made it less work on me, but I wanted to make it easy on the students.  Easy on the students = hard on me.  So anyway, it’s over, and I am extremely thankful to have survived.

Re: the house, as it turns out, the ceiling tiles are not asbestos.  That was very good news.  They are cellulose, which is still not good for you, but probably isn’t going to kill you.  So Charlie still used the respirator and wore the haz-mat suit, but he didn’t bag up the rooms like he had been previously.

I sold our “vintage” 1950s refrigerator on Craigslist.  That was amazing.  We sold it to a group of volunteer firefighters just outside of Columbia, so it went to a good home.  They were actually literally looking for an old vintage fridge, because they like the look of it.  It’s going to be their soda fridge in the bay with all the trucks.  The two young guys who came out to pick it up had fun trying to haul it out of the house.  They managed to slide it to the door on a scrap piece of linoleum, and then they had to pick it up and get it down the stairs and up into the back of their truck.  They saved us from having to do the same thing to get rid of it.  Plus we made money off of it.

The night they wanted to come pick it up Charlie and I walked over to the house so we’d be there when they got there.  After they got the fridge out, we decided we might as well do some work on the house since we were already there.  We hadn’t planned to work there that night, but we ended up staying for 3 hours and having the most productive 3 hours in the history of that house.  Charlie managed to rip out the ceiling tiles through the entire house, he knocked out a wall, he knocked out a wood partition wall in the basement, I cleaned up all the junk that was left in the basement, stacked up all the newspapers Minnie had lining the shelves (I’ll try to sell those later – some date to 1968, and we found pieces in the attic that were from 1957), stacked up all the bricks that were lying around, Charlie put the garage door back on its track AND we sold the fridge.  So yeah, we were pretty happy with ourselves.

I think we’ve decided to gut the house.  As it turns out, it’ll actually be cheaper for us in the long run if we knock out all the walls and ceilings.  The reason is because we want to re-run all the wiring anyway, and it’ll be cheaper to run the wiring if it doesn’t have to be threaded through the walls and ceilings.  So Charlie has a coworker who’s lining up some college students to knock down our ceilings and walls sometime in the close future.  Have fun with that, boys.

Anyway, Charlie is working out at the Rec, so I’d best get my booty down there so I don’t keep him waiting.  I’ll be posting pictures and videos of the demolition process shortly.


2 Responses to “Crazy.”

  1. Lyndell Says:

    Be sure to run lots and lots of Ethernet cabling.

  2. Annette Says:

    Nah, we don’t do ethernet. More’n likely we’ll get iPhones and never need cable again. Plus we don’t have it now.

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