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Life update. December 24, 2008

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Master Gardener: check.  I am officially a Master Gardener Intern.  I will be a full certified Active Master Gardener after I complete my 30 hours of volunteer work over the next year.  Feel free to ask gardening questions to help me with my volunteeer hours. 🙂

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program: check.  We only had three participants, but I think it turned out to be a good experience for everybody.  Now Robin and I are full CDSMP Leaders.

Running: going well.  Josh Kerr has signed up to run the half marathon with us, and David Moluf has said he will, but as far as I know he hasn’t signed up yet.  (I’m calling you out on this, David!  Sign up!)

KC weekend: we’ll see all the cool kids there.

House: plumbing is finished.  We have a shiny new toilet, a shower kit for our pedestal tub, and a few plumbing issues fixed.  The next step is to tear the walls out.  The only time there will be enough people around who can help is this weekend, so Charlie will be leaving KC early on Saturday night to come back to Columbia.  On Sunday he, a coworker of his and two students will be tearing the guts out of our house.  Literally.  He knocked a hole in the wall just to see what it would be like.  It’s going to be messy.  I’m not invited.

We moved about half of our stuff over to the house last weekend.  We want to be out of our apartment by January 15; this is the most likely date when we’ll be able to have someone start subleasing our apartment, so that’s our goal.  We had someone lined up and ready to sign the paperwork, but then the landlord did a background check and found that one of them had been arrested at a frat house, so they got rejected.  Boo.  I’ve had a couple bites today, though, one of which is relatively promising, so I think we’ll be able to find someone.  Plus my guess is that student interest will pick up quite a bit after the holidays.  They don’t have to be back at school until January 20, so most aren’t looking for a place to live now.

So anyway, yeah, we moved a lot of our junk.  We took 5 truckloads of stuff over.  I even got it mostly unpacked and organized because we had to reuse boxes and containers because we didn’t have enough.  We took over the things that we don’t use on a regular basis (sleeping bags, luggage, books, etc.), but it’s still amazing how many times I’ve gone to try to get something from our office in the last couple days, only to realize that what I need is at the house.  I’m a bit discombobulated, so it will be nice to be all in one piece again once we move for real.

We’re getting a city dumpster delivered to our driveway sometime in the next couple of days.  The walls are getting ripped out on Sunday.  Then on Monday Charlie has the electrician and some insulation people ready to come in.  After that it’ll be drywall, taping, mudding, and maybe at some point we’ll even be able to paint.  (Not green.)  It will be interesting to see if we can get everything done before January 15, but I think it’s in our favour that tradesmen are out of work right now and not busy because nobody wants their house in shambles around the holidays.  (Pagans!)

Work: the university is going through unprecedented budget cuts because of state funding being slashed.  We’re under a hiring freeze, the buildings are turning the heat down (Leslie Schwartz mentioned that she hopes the lazy river doesn’t freeze), and people are otherwise freaking out about losing their jobs.  Charlie is fine, and around 50% of my funding is secure at least for the next year and a half, but who knows about the other 50%.  At this point, I’m not really concerned.

So, that’s where we’re at right now.  I get the afternoon off today and all of tomorrow, so yay for that.  

See everybody in KC on the weekend!


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