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Impact of food choices on climate change. January 5, 2009

Filed under: Environment,Food,Health — Annette @ 9:13 am

Last summer I came across a Johns Hopkins campaign called Meatless Monday. The campaign encourages us to make all-vegetarian food choices on at least one day of the week. The link between red meat and chronic diseases has been known for a long time, and I thought the campaign was a fun and catchy way to promote eating less meat.

What I just discovered is that the campaign is also in partnership with the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, which comes at the less-meat campaign not from the perspective of nutrition and chronic diseases, but from the perspective of the environment.

This fact sheet, What You Eat Affects Climate Change, explains:

Red meat and dairy are responsible for nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions from food for an average U.S. household.

The concept that they promote is that choices that are better for your health are also better for the environment. Read the fact sheet. It’s all tied in together. Very cool.

(FYI – for the meaty naysayers, this is not to say that we should eat no meat at all. The Bible makes it clear that it’s quite okay to eat meat. The point here is just that the Western diet has become too dependent on red meat, and our hearts and colons would thank us if we moved to a more plant-based diet.)

ETA: Another Johns Hopkins campaign.  LOL.


6 Responses to “Impact of food choices on climate change.”

  1. Lyndell Says:

    The cow is vegetarian, so if I eat beef, I’m vegetarian, right? 🙂

    Actually, what is the recommended maximum of meat we should eat on average?

  2. Annette Says:

    It depends on your age, sex and physical activity level. Go here to create a personalized plan:

    Keep in mind, though, that the food group is “Meat and Beans,” not just meat. So while your recommendation may be 6 oz a day, that 6 oz should come from beans, nuts, seeds, eggs and meats – not just meats.

  3. Excellent information! There is no recommended maximum. However, the less red meat you eat the more healthy you will become. Thanks for sharing!

  4. BanjoBen Says:

    Yeah, gotta hate how cattle are so environmentally un-friendly.

  5. Lyndell Says:

    Yay, my 5 day / week tuna sandwiches are in line.

    Cow farts?! That’s an untapped energy source.

  6. lyndell21 Says:

    What advice do you have for someone who thinks eating a vegetarian cow counts as a vegetarian diet?

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