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A lesson in submission. January 16, 2009

Filed under: Life,Love — Annette @ 4:54 pm

When we realized that we were going to be homeless, I didn’t want to stay in a hotel. Charlie did. I thought it seemed like a waste of money when we had offers from people who were willing to put us up for a few days, plus there were plenty of church people who I’m sure would love to have us.

It was clear, though, that Charlie wasn’t going to consider any option other than staying in a hotel. He didn’t want to put anyone out, and, as we all know, fish and guests both stink after 3 days. So, fine, crazy husband. We’ll stay in a hotel. Sometimes you just have to let the husband buy the pink Cadillac.

As it turns out, though, the hotel was the best thing for us. We were both really stressed out after dealing with all the house stuff, and just needed a break. We were getting irritated with each other, and needed to just make the stress go away for a while. It wouldn’t have been very pleasant to be living in someone else’s house for days on end, not really being in control of our schedule or meals.

At the hotel we have a jacuzzi in our room. A hot tub and pool downstairs. Continental breakfast. And free Hotbox Cookies It’s good for us. It’s allowed us to relax, relieve some stress, love on each other instead of being frustrated, and also start planning for the rest of the things we still have to do with the house.

So it’s good. It’s good that I didn’t throw a fit and refuse to do what my husband had made the decision to do. Submitting led to everything working out in the end. Even if he had been wrong, we would have learned from it, and maybe the working out in the end part would be that he listened to my opinion more. 

So yeah, things are good.

And no, you can’t share our jacuzzi.

And this is the part where Alison’s husband David says, “WOMAN, YOU NEED TO SUBMIT!”


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