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Run #37. February 16, 2009

Filed under: Running — Annette @ 5:07 pm

Me and Robin, 3.5 miles. Should have been a Stretch & Strength day, but we decided to take advantage of the nice day outside. Didn’t feel too bad.

I think the only difference between my run today and my run yesterday was that today I had someone to talk to and distract myself with. It’s amazing how much better it is to run with another person rather than running alone. 

Another benefit is that after I realized I’d forgotten my running shoes at home (duh), I was able to borrow an old pair from Robin. It’s pretty handy having another person around who’s almost exactly your size on everything.

After my long run last weekend I was cleaning out a paintbrush in our kitchen sink (where else would you do it?), and managed to spray paint all over the right side of myself. So now I have white paint spots on my running clothes. Niiiice.


One Response to “Run #37.”

  1. enjoyexercise Says:

    Hi! I’m a running/musican whose trying to get this new idea out there and I have no idea if I’m completely wacked! haha But I am a formerly bored runner and I put these wild guided tracks up on iTunes – I’d love some feed back but I don’t know how to give them away for free yet. I am trying to figure out how to do a Podcast!? But anyway, I’d love to know if you like them they’re on iTunes (search Mary Cary – Enjoy Exercise) is my thingy! haha… If you’re bored they’re wild! And entertaining if nothing else! I just sent them to Nike and the other big running shoe companies in case I can piggy back their big selves! haha xoxo Much love running!

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