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Run #38. February 17, 2009

Filed under: Running — Annette @ 1:21 pm

Me, Robin, Cindy, Molly. 3 miles. Robin is a gazelle and Molly is a competitive triathlete (she recently won a race without even trying), so our pace for the first half killed me for the second half. Still dealing with side stitches, even though I make sure I stretch beforehand and during. I remember dealing with this last year, too, and eventually it just went away. Go away, go away…

BTW, as proof that there was a time when I hate, hate, hated running, a comment I got on Facebook today from my former roommate New Susan (to differentiate her from Old Susan, my prior roommate):

Annette–what happened to the time you said you wouldn’t run if the house was burning down????  You are mighty fast–so proud of you!  XO your hasn’t-run-in-so-long-she-can’t-remember old roommate:)

Susan was part of my inspiration to start running. I was in my last year of undergrad, felt like I should do some form of physical activity, and Susan was a runner. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, Susan also got me into yoga.  I never realized she was that influential on my life at that time. Huh.

We were supposed to do a Stretch & Strength day on Monday, but we’ve just kept running instead. I really need to take that day and rest from running. I’m feeling a little tired and worn out.

(Also BTW: my apologies to people who have no interest in reading about my running adventures. I hope to have something more interesting to talk about soon. I also have house update pictures I need to post, but I keep forgetting my camera. Maybe tomorrow!)

ETA: Started feeling dizzy and like my head was spinning during and after stretching. Made me realize that I haven’t been taking a multi recently. For a long time I was taking prenatals (because they have more iron) consistently, but somewhere recently I forgot about it and fell out of the habit. Being low in iron or even possibly anemic could definitely explain why I’ve been feeling tired and sluggish on our last few runs (or it could be that I just need to take a day off). 

“Did You Know” of the Day: Runners have higher iron requirements than the average person. The mechanical force of your feet pounding the ground literally breaks down your red blood cells, meaning your body has to produce more, which requires iron.


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