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Run #39. February 19, 2009

Filed under: Life,Running — Annette @ 1:46 pm

Me, Robin, Cindy. 3.5 miles. Would have felt pretty good except that I’ve been getting pretty bad side stitches recently, even when I walk to work in the morning. Stopped at 1.6 miles to stretch, and that helped a lot. I don’t know what I need to do to make this go away, because I’ve been stretching before and during. It’s weird that it’s happening so long into training, rather than right at the beginning. It just makes it really hard to breathe because I can’t expand my lungs fully.

We just found out that Charlie’s parents are moving to Arkansas, and have to be there by March 1. Charlie’s dad only has 3 years of work left before he can retire, so they plan to just rent while they’re down there. Hopefully they will be able to sell pretty much everything they don’t need, but the things that they do want to keep long-term they have asked if they can store in our garage. So our house is already accumulating things, and we haven’t even fully moved in yet. We’re taking the day off tomorrow and heading down tonight to help pack and make executive decisions on what not to keep. Good times.


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